SiliconSystems Announces Industry’s First and Most Reliable 32GB PC Card by Integrating New Application-Specific Technology Into its SiliconDrives

08. November 2005

Setting new standards for high-capacity storage in smaller form factors, SiliconSystems, Inc., the world leader in solid-state storage technology engineered exclusively for the enterprise system OEM market, today announced its patent-pending SiBoost™ technology which doubles the capacity of its SiliconDrive™ products. Integrating SiBoost technology into its industry-leading 6-bit ECC SiliconDrive PC Card provides the industry’s first and highest endurance 32GB PC Card. As the only company developing industrial-grade application-specific technologies, SiliconSystems’ SiBoost technology enhances the speed and capacity of its SiliconDrive PC Card and 2.5” drive product families.

All SiliconSystems technology is engineered specifically for the high performance, high-reliability, multi-year product lifecycle requirements of the netcom, military, industrial, interactive kiosk and medical markets. “Our leading-edge SiBoost technology was designed specifically for applications in which size and weight are important design criteria and the ability to add even more capacity in a light-weight, small package brings significant application advantages,” said Michael Hajeck, CEO at SiliconSystems. “We are committed to maintaining our leadership position with industry-leading solid-state storage technology that exceeds our customers’ requirements. SiBoost is a clear example of our vast solid-state storage expertise.” An application-specific technology that can be integrated into SiliconSystem’s SiliconDrive products, SiBoost uniquely combines hardware and firmware enhancements that enable a SiliconDrive to achieve faster speeds and higher capacity. This technology is particularly useful for applications that require advanced system serviceability, fast boot times and hot swap capabilities. SiBoost technology also features a seamless ANSI ATA-3 host interface for full compatibility with all SiliconDrive applications.

“By focusing exclusively on the enterprise OEM market, SiliconSystems has taken the distinct advantages of Samsung’s SLC NAND flash and enhanced them with its SiliconDrive and SiBoost technologies,” said Jon Kang, senior vice president of technical marketing at Samsung Semiconductor. “SiBoost represents a powerful, solid-state solution engineered to take full advantage of the benefits of SLC technology in meeting the system storage needs of the enterprise OEM sector.” SiliconDrive products incorporating SiBoost technology are available now in capacities up to 16GB and available in capacities up to 32GB later this year.


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