SiliconSystems Solves Critical Need for Robust Storage Security for Embedded System Applications

27. Juni 2006

New SiliconDrive Secure is the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Security Solution

SiliconSystems, Inc., represented by Tecbit is a world leader in advanced storage technology, today announced its SiliconDrive SecureTM family of products which offer an unprecedented level of storage system security. SiliconDrive Secure is a low-power, scaleable storage solution which integrates security to guard against critical user data falling into the wrong hands or software IP theft. SiliconDrive Secure enables OEM system manufacturers to create new market and business opportunities while enhancing product differentiation.

SiliconDrive Secure provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of proprietary technologies enabling multiple user-selectable options for assuring data and software IP security. Offering designers easy implementation, SiliconDrive Secure provides advanced security features such as ultra-fast data erasure and sanitization, data zones with independent security parameters and secure areas for OEMs to add unique encryption/decryption keys as a basis for implementing customer-specific security strategies. The need for advanced storage that incorporates high levels of security is at an all time high, as evidenced by the theft of flash cards containing sensitive military data from a U.S. military base in Afghanistan. In addition, new regulations such as HIPAA and Common Criteria raise the bar for security within embedded systems.

Unlike the needs in consumer electronics applications such as USB drives, where security is implemented on the removable device, Enterprise System OEMs benefit from security that is tied directly to the host system, rendering the data unreadable if the storage device is used on another system. Tying security to the host system is especially useful to companies that routinely ship software IP upgrades that could be vulnerable to theft and to prevent security breaches as in the Afghanistan example above where the storage was removed from the original system.

“SiliconDrive Secure was designed to meet the new demands customers now face in assuring storage system security as more and more embedded devices are shared or deployed over networks,” said Michael Hajeck, CEO at SiliconSystems. “SiliconDrive Secure is an ideal solution for software IP managers and others responsible for stopping sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands and preventing software IP theft, which according to the Commerce Department, costs U.S. businesses more than $250 billion annually.”

Until recently, corporate policies rarely considered data storage a security risk, focusing their efforts at the operating system level or within applications. However, because storage technology has enabled incredibly fast and efficient information access and replication, stored data is widely shared and multiplying rapidly, jeopardizing the security of the information.

Prevents Application Data and Software IP Theft
To prevent application data and software theft, patent-pending SiKeyTM technology ties application data and software IP to a specific SiliconDrive Secure so that a host system can verify the drive and create unique encryption keys to prevent theft.

Optimum Security for Critical Data
Applications requiring advanced levels of data security such as data recorders, wearable and field computers, medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment, POS systems and voting machines can employ SiliconSystems' patent-pending SiSweepTM , SiScrubTM and SiPurgeTM to protect confidential data.

TechnologyDescriptionErasure SpeedDrive Reusable
SiSweepUltra-fast data erasure2GB in 5 sec.Yes
SiPurgeNon-recoverable data erasure2GB in 5.5 sec.No
SiScrubUltra-fast data erasure followed by a programmed patternApplication dependentYes

Advanced Access Control and Permissions
To assure proper access to information, SiProtect™ provides software write protection for read-only access, while SiSecure™ allows read/write access only to users with the required password.

Multiple Security Zones
Patent-pending SiZone™ allows users to define up to five independent security zones on each SiliconDrive Secure. Each zone can be configured with any combination of SiSweep, SiSecure and SiProtect or the zone can have full read/write operation, providing the ultimate in protection and flexibility.

Security Technology Integrated into SiliconDrive Secure:
SiKey – Ties SiliconDrive Secure to a specific host and/or software IP.
SiZone – Data zones with different security parameters.
SiSweep – Ultra-fast data erasure.
SiScrub – Ultra-fast data erasure followed by a programmed pattern.
SiPurge – Non-recoverable data erasure.
SiProtect – Software write protection for read-only access.
SiSecure – Password required for read and write access.

About SiliconDrive
SiliconSystems’ patented SiliconDrive is breakthrough storage technology engineered to overcome problems associated with hard drives and flash cards that were originally designed for the consumer electronics and personal computer markets. SiliconDrive technology is engineered to exceed the high performance, high reliability and multi-year lifecycle requirements of the Enterprise System OEM market. PowerArmor and SiSMART, proprietary technologies integrated into every SiliconDrive, eliminate field failures from power disturbances, prevent costly product re-qualifications and provide enhanced security to protect application data and software IP, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.


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